Sarah Smith (1758–1791)

SARAH SMITH was a convict who was buried at St. John’s Cemetery, Parramatta on 25 July 1791. Positively identifying exactly who this SARAH SMITH is challenging, as there were a number of convict women transported to the colony on the earliest ships who shared her name.

We can eliminate the various SARAH SMITHs who arrived with the Second Fleet. SARAH SMITH (1761–1804) per Lady Juliana (1790), for example, died at Norfolk Island in 1804. SARAH SMITH (1774–1836) who arrived with the Second Fleet per Neptune (1790) married HENRY SELLS and lived at Windsor and Kelso, Bathurst. “SARAH SELLS,” aged 54, was housekeeper to THOMAS HIGGINS at Castlereagh many years later. A second woman on the Neptune by the name of SARAH SMITH (1772–1857) is also not the right SARAH SMITH, as she was buried as SARAH COBCROFT with her husband JOHN COBCROFT at Wilberforce Cemetery in 1857.

The SARAH SMITH who was buried at St. John’s in July 1791, therefore, was the Third Fleeter by that name. She was tried and convicted at the Old Bailey, London, sentenced to seven years transportation, and arrived per Albemarle (1791).

Burial Location

  • unmarked grave, exact location unknown, St. John’s Cemetery, Parramatta

Trial Records

  • Old Bailey Proceedings Online (, version 8.0), 16 February 1791, trial of SARAH SMITH (t17910216-24).


Primary Sources

Secondary Sources


# Third Fleet

# Convict

# Trial Place: Old Bailey

# Punishment: Seven Years Transportation

# Ship: Albemarle (1791)

# Burial year: 1791

# Grave: unmarked

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