John Markey (II)

JOHN MARKEY was a child who was buried in an unmarked grave at St. John’s Cemetery, Parramatta. He was the son of soldier JOHN MARKEY (I); his mother’s name was not recorded in the burial register. Interestingly, his burial came just one day before the burial of another child who was the son of a soldier, THOMAS HOARTLE; perhaps indicating that their deaths were due to a common cause, be it an infectious illness or an accident involving both children.

Burial Location

  • Unmarked grave, exact location unknown, St. John’s Cemetery, Parramatta


  • Parish Burial Registers, Textual records, St. John’s Anglican Church Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia.


# Child

# Soldier’s Child

# Burial year: 1791

# Grave: unmarked

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