David Killpack (I) (c.1757-1797)

David Killpack was a convict transported for seven years per Scarborough (1788). He is, therefore, one of 17 First Fleeters with memorials buried in St. John’s Cemetery, Parramatta. ‘Kilpack Park’ at Carlingford and ‘Scarborough Way’ at the Milson Borough Estate, Cherrybrook, are named in his honour.


  • Alternate: David Kilpack
  • Alternate: David Kilpatrick
  • Commemorated by: Kilpack Park, Carlingford
  • Commemorated by: Scarborough Way, a private road in the Milson Borough Estate, Cherrybrook that references the First Fleet convict ship on which Killpack was transported


  • Born: c.1757
  • Arrested: 18 January 1783
  • Held in Newgate Prison: January 1783
  • Convicted at the Old Bailey: 26 February 1783
  • Imprisoned in Newgate Prison: 26 February 1783-16 August 1783
  • Embarked for America per Swift: 16 August 1783
  • Escaped during mutiny on the Swift: 29 August 1783
  • Recaptured at Sandhurst, Kent: 1 September 1783
  • Sentenced to death at the Old Bailey: Wednesday, 10 September 1783
  • Death sentence commuted to Transportation for Life: Saturday, 13 September 1783
  • Imprisoned on the Censor hulk: 4 October 1783
  • Embarked on the Scarborough: 27 February 1787
  • Sailed with the First Fleet per Scarborough: 13 May 1787
  • Arrived at Botany Bay: 19 January 1788
  • Arrived at Port Jackson: 26 January 1788
  • Married Second Fleeter Eleanor McDonald: 15 June 1791
  • Daughter, Martha Killpack, born: 16 February 1792
  • Daughter, Elizabeth Killpack, born: c.1793
  • Granted land: 30 acres at North Brush, Field of Mars: 11 December 1794
  • Received Pardon: 12 December 1794
  • Daughter, Eleanor McGill Killpack, born: 30 May 1795
  • Granted land: another 50 acres of land at North Brush, Field of Mars, 22 July 1795
  • Sold land: sold ‘Killpack Farm’ (80 acres) to Captain John Macarthur, some time after 1795
  • Appointed Captain Macarthur’s Overseer or “Farm Manager” of the former Killpack Farm,  by then absorbed into Macarthur’s Cornish Hills Farms, some time after 1795
  • Son, David Killpack II, born: c.1796
  • Died: 30 November 1797
  • Buried: 1 December 1797 at St. John’s Cemetery, Parramatta

Burial Location

  • Section 2, Row J, No.16 at St. John’s Cemetery, Parramatta


  • Spouse of Eleanor McDonald
  • Parent of Martha Killpack
  • Parent of Elizabeth Killpack
  • Parent of Eleanor McGill Killpack
  • Parent of David Killpack (II)
  • Fellow prisoner: John Martin at Newgate Prison, London
  • Fellow mutineer: Richard Partridge (I)


  • Sawyer
  • Farmer


  • Convict Swift (1783)
  • Convict Scarborough, 1787-1788
  • Farm Manager for Captain John Macarthur at Cornish Hills Farms


  • Owned Killpack Farm, (now bounded on the east by Pennant Parade and subdivided by Carlingford Road), 11 December 1794 – circa late 1795, when it was absorbed into Macarthur’s “Cornish Hills Farms”

David Killpack: The Merry Mutineer (2016)

By Michaela Ann Cameron

Abstract: This bird-burglar found himself locked behind one of Newgate Prison’s doors in 1783. Sentenced to 7 years transportation to America for his crime, Killpack, along with Richard Partridge “The Left-Handed Flogger,” then participated in a convict mutiny on board the Swift only to be recaptured and sentenced to death. Killpack dodged the gallows, though, and ended up a First Fleet convict, transported on the Scarborough (1788). In the colony, Killpack became a farmer of “Killpack Farm” at the Field of Mars until the property was sold to Captain John Macarthur and was absorbed into his “Cornish Hills Farms.” Killpack continued to manage the former Killpack Farm for Macarthur until his death at the age of 40 in 1797. more>>


The Killpack family vault in Section 2, Row J, No.16 at St. John’s Cemetery, Parramatta. (Photo: Michaela Ann Cameron, 18 July 2016)


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# First Fleet

# Convict

# Ship: Swift (1783)

# Trial Place: Old Bailey

# Hulke: Censor

# Ship: Scarborough (1788)

# Burial year: 1797

# Grave: marked