Ann George (c.1764–1814)

ANN GEORGE is one of St. John’s First Fleeters. ANN was a convict transported per Lady Penrhyn (1788). She was convicted, alongside her partner in crime ELEANOR McCABE, of assault and robbery at the Old Bailey on 11 May 1785 and sentenced to seven years transportation. ANN had a son by a seaman, born on 10 December 1788, who died on 22 December 1788, then cared for and bore two children to the colony’s first surveyor, AUGUSTUS ALT. She died, aged 50, on 18 January 1814 at Ashfield and was buried the following day, 19 January 1814 in the same cemetery in which her partner, AUGUSTUS ALT, is also buried. Unlike ALT, who died a year after his mistress and the mother of his two children, ANN GEORGE’s grave is unmarked and its location is unknown.


  • Born: c.1764
  • Committed violent theft: Cross-lane, St. Giles, London, England, 1 May 1785
  • Imprisoned at Newgate: > 1 May 1785 – 6 January 1787
  • Tried and convicted of violent theft (robbery) with accomplice ELEANOR McCABE: Old Bailey, 11 May 1785
  • Sentenced to seven years transportation: Old Bailey, 11 May 1785
  • Embarked on Lady Penrhyn: 6 January 1787
  • Sailed with the First Fleet per Lady Penrhyn: 13 May 1787.
  • Arrived at Botany Bay per Lady Penrhyn20 January 1788.
  • Arrived at Port Jackson per Lady Penrhyn: 26 January 1788.
  • Disembarked: 6 February 1788.
  • Son, WILLIAM, by seaman WILLIAM (ARCHIBALD) LODWICK per Charlotte (1788) baptised: Sydney Cove, 10 December 1788
  • Son, WILLIAM, died: Sydney Cove, 22 December 1788
  • Daughter, LUCY, by AUGUSTUS ALT, born: 30 October 1790
  • Daughter, LUCY, by AUGUSTUS ALT, baptised: 30 November 1791
  • Lived with and cared for AUGUSTUS ALT on 100-acre grant: Petersham, 1797
  • Son, Henry, by AUGUSTUS ALT, born: 1799
  • Daughter, LUCY, died: 17 March 1806
  • Died: c. 19 January 1814
  • Buried: St. John’s Cemetery, Parramatta, 19 January 1814

Burial Location

  • Unmarked grave, exact location unknown, St. John’s Cemetery, Parramatta

Trial Records


  • Partner in Crime: ELEANOR McCABE
  • Common law wife of ARCHIBALD LODWICK, seaman on Charlotte (1788)
  • Parent of WILLIAM LODWICK (10 December 1788–22 December 1788)
  • Common law wife of First Fleeter and surveyor AUGUSTUS ALT
  • Parent of LUCY ALT (1790–1806)
  • Parent of HENRY GEORGE ALT (b.1799)


  • Shoe binder (c.f. Arthur Bowes Smyth)
  • Bonnet maker (c.f. 1821 Return of Convicts. Gillen flagged this as potentially inaccurate)


  • Convict, Newgate Prison, > 1 January 1785–6 January 1787
  • Convict, Lady Penrhyn, 6 January 1787–26 January 1788

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Secondary Sources

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# First Fleet

# Convict

# Trial Place: Old Bailey

# Ship: Lady Penrhyn (1788)

# Burial year: 1814

# Grave: unmarked